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"I can't sing and I can't dance, so I paint!"


I've been an artist since childhood and painting professionally since 2011. My first writing and artistic tools were the basic wood pencil and the classic composition book. My imagination took over and from there anything was possible. My favorite subject was fast transportation, or "muscle cars". In high school I was introduced to painting using watercolors. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. During my first two years in college I was a student in the Visual Arts department where I learned the collage technique using oil paintings. It was here also where I learned color photography and black-and-white darkroom processing. In the world of painting I did learn how to paint in different styles including impressionism, realism, symbolism. I do like experimentation. My artistic education blends with a traditional college education in Business. I did, however, study the life and artistic genius of the great masters like Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Chagall, Picasso, Richter, Pollock, Degas, Hokusai. They became my tutors. 


Today, however, my interest is in the expressionist abstraction of color. I'm drawn to this particular painting style for one simple reason: freedom. Building up cumulative layers of oil painting on large canvas allows me to free myself from the mundane rituals of life. With no preconceived idea, it is here where the addition and subtraction of pigments comes to fruition. The paintings will do what they're going to do. The composition spans the entire color spectrum, from deepest blacks to brightest whites. Dominated by the primaries of red, yellow, and blue, it also encompasses every fractional permutation of hue in between.

And lastly, my greatest inspiration is the One who turned water into wine, the creator of life: Christ.


My works have been sold, and are on display at the following art galleries and establishments:

-Travis Hall Fine Art - Carmel (current)

- (current)

- Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Carmel

- Bear Flag Gallery - San Juan Bautista

- William Arthur Galleries - Carmel

- Sandy by the Sea Art Gallery - Carmel

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