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Carlos Lopez Arts

Visual Artist.

I can't sing and I can't dance, so I paint!


Carlos is a  visual artist who lives in south Monterey county, California. His painting influence comes from his mother Mary and family. Carlos is primarily self­-taught in painting though he studied photography at Fresno State University.
His paintings have been on display at Sandy by the Sea, William Arthur Galleries in Carmel, and Bear Flag Gallery in San Juan Bautista, California.

Currently, some of his large abstracts are on display at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Carmel.


In 2011 I picked up a small flat brush and painted a boat scene from Monterey Bay. As time went on I challenged myself to learn realism, impressionism, contemporary, and abstract painting styles.

Today my interest is the expressionist abstraction of color. I'm drawn to this particular painting style for one simple reason: freedom. Building up cumulative layers of oil painting allows me to free myself from the mundane rituals of life. With no preconceived idea, it is here where the addition and subtraction of pigments comes to fruition. The painting will do what is going to do. 

The composition spans the entire color spectrum. From deepest blacks to brightest whites. Dominated by the primaries of red, yellow, and blue, it also encompasses every fractional permutation of hue in between. 

And lastly, my greatest inspiration is the One who turned water into wine, the creator of life: Christ.

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