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Carlos Lopez Arts

Contemporary Visual Artist.


Carlos is a contemporary visual artist who lives in south Monterey county, California. His painting influence come from his mother Mary and family. Carlos is primarily self­-taught in painting though he studied photography at Fresno State University. His passion is to create vibrant abstractions using contrast, bright colors, bold strokes, with energy and intensity.
His paintings have been on display at Sandy by the Sea, William Arthur Galleries in Carmel, and Bear Flag Gallery in San Juan Bautista, California.  


My oil paintings represent the fusion between one-stroke painting style and abstract expressionism. My compositions span the entire color spectrum. From deepest blacks to brightest whites, dominated by the primaries of red, yellow, and blue, and every fractional permutation of hue in between.

In February 2011, I started painting using a small brush on canvas. My first painting was a boat scene in Monterey, California. As time went on I re-discovered my passion for creating art. Consequently I immersed myself and studied the works, techniques, and styles of the great master painters. They became my teachers.

My focus is primarily merging one-stroke painting style with the abstract expressionist style. It is the freedom to create that draws me to this particular style of painting. There is also the element of chance and surprise I find so rewarding. It is like opening a birthday gift every time I paint. I paint with oils using a palette knife.

My greatest inspiration is life, nature, and the book of love and freedom, the Bible.

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